Momentage: Photo & Video Privacy Your Choice

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In today’s information age, where personal privacy is a thing of the past, it’s essential to control what data about you ends up in the digital space perpetually. Introducing Momentage, the latest photo-sharing app, redefining the way you share your most treasured photos, videos and soundimage “moments” with loved ones, or the rest of the world.

Momentage photo sharing app

“Momentage is geared for everyone and people of all ages who wish to dictate their content and want to personally gauge the level of privacy it holds,” says Momentage Co-Founder George Castineiras. “We respect the full privacy of our users, and we designed Momentage so the user has the power to control their content completely.”

With Momentage users can keep “moments” completely to themselves, share with a specific group of people, including family, friends, colleagues, like-minded individuals, or even the world at large. Momentage takes online photo privacy a step further by allowing only public moments to be shared via email or with other social media platforms. Users hold the ability to change their privacy settings at any given time, delete other users’ comments or remove posts entirely.

Momentage users are able to creatively put together a series of photos, a 20-second video montage and even a 30-second soundimage recorded over a photograph to best express a special moment. These images can be edited, cropped, rotated and straightened with Momentage’s photo effects to better accompany and illustrate a vibrant memory.

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