UsTrendy uses Social Media for Summer Fashion Strong Sales

By 6:14 PM

The Summer months can lead to major declines in retailers' bottom line. This summer UsTrendy took some key initiatives to ensure that their sales remained strong through the summer months.

UsTrendy turned to social media to crowd source potential trends ahead of time and were able to engage their hundreds of thousands of followers to dictate which items they were interested in UsTrendy carrying for

Here are some of UsTrendy hot summer selling fashions

UsTrendy Summer Fashions
UsTrendy Summer Fashions

Bows, Neon, American Prints, heart cut outs, and crotchet seemed to be the choice of the people.

"Towards the end of Spring. We turned to social media to see which trends resonated with customers. The feedback was overwhelming towards bows, heart cutouts, and neon. So we spent some time gathering items which would fit into this trend."

The results have been amazing. UsTrendy continues to march forward on its 500 percent revenue growth path.

UsTrendy is the largest Independent Fashion and Boutique Fashion Website with over 16,000 fashion designers from over 100 countries selling their clothing on

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