Gawdy Bobbles Suede Bracelets & Headbands

By 1:28 PM

Looking for the perfect fashion adornment? Look no further than the affordable new Suede Bracelets and Headbands from Gawdy Bobbles.

Gawdy Bobbles Suede Bracelets and Headbands

Their Suede Headbands hearken back to an era of fun and freedom while still feeling like a modern piece of jewelry. Made from extra soft suede, these beauties sit lightly and comfortably across the forehead. Each piece is made with a simple braided design that lets the bright and trendy colors become the focus. For the perfect ensemble, pair it with a flowing top and jean shorts or wear it with a cheeky dress.

Gawdy Bobbles' Suede Bracelets collection are supple and vibrant bangles ranging from bubblegum pink to tropical blue. Wear one as a statement piece, or a number of different ones to layer for a cool and casual look.

Gawdy Bobbles can be found in hundreds of stores across the nation, with each store carrying something a little different and unique.

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