CAILYN Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner & Mira-Dew Moisturizer

By 6:14 PM

CAILYN Cosmetics, the brand known for creating natural, 100% mineral beauty products, has a few new treats for protecting and pampering the most important part of the face.

CAILYN Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner brushes

The CAILYN Gel Eyeliner brushes on smooth and stays moist just long enough for wearers to perfect their look. Once dry the gel is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours of office talk or fun on the run. The easy to use built-in brush makes it perfect for taking on-the-go. Create a chic yet casual look right before work, and then update it for a night out with the girls.

CAILYN Cosmetics Vibri Onyx

The CAILYN Mira-Dew and Vibri-Onyx system targets the areas around the eyes where age lines and stress congregate to bring faces down. This special moisturizer and innovative mode of application helps combat dehydration and refresh skin for a healthier, younger look.

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